Hrm. Ok.

One week and a final in algebra then I’m done with math. I’m so tired of it, I can’t even manage to be clever or quippy. I just need it to end. I might be able to secure a B. It’ll screw the GPA, but I’ll live if it means no more computation classes. Ugh.

Final fiction class this Tuesday. And as sad as it makes me to say, I can’t be done with that soon enough either. I didn’t learn a lot about fiction writing on the whole. I learned a few things about myself as a writer, so I imagine that’s helpful. Also, I’ve managed to complete two short stories. That’s a lot for me because I always find myself losing momentum about  two-thirds of the way through and never completing anything. It’s discouraging.

My stories have yet to be workshopped in class and I was looking forward to getting some feedback other than the teacher’s. I hope we’ll get to it this week, but our teacher isn’t great at time management, so we’ll see.

I’m going to have to wait a whole term to take Intermediate Fiction. The class is closed for next term so I’m taking some literature instead. And a sociology class on sex. Too bad there’s not a lab component. 🙂 (Relax, Casey.)

Life on the whole has been somewhat messy these last months, but recently there’s noticeable improvement, so I’ll just chalk it up to growing pains. In the big life picture, it will only be a blip anyway.

Casey’s consulting business is doing better than either of us expected, I think. He’s impressing the shit out of just about everyone. The kids are still mostly cute, when they’re not being annoying. I have a new iFlip video camera so I plan on learning how to post videos of funny kid stuff here.

I dragged a heavy desk upstairs from the dining room all by myself today and now I feel like an Amazon Woman.

We’re trying to buy our car (we originally leased it and the lease was up a few months ago) but we’re being parried at every turn. Fucking car companies.

Nothing especially earth shattering to report. Earth is still turning, we’re all still breathing in and out every day.

Evelina plans on being the first person on Mars. She has diagrams and blueprint mock-ups of the vessel required to take her there. Her own design. She wants us to send them to NASA so that they can begin work on them now with the hopes that it will be perfected and space-worthy by the time she’s done becoming an astronaut. I have no doubt whatsoever in her imminent success.

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m far from the spirit of it. It’s unusual for me. I’ve never been a scrooge and every year I chide Casey on his lack of participation and holiday cheer. But this year, I’m just not feeling it. Perhaps once we’ve bought our tree and decorated I’ll be more into it.

I have some ideas for some upcoming posts; I just hope I have the time to stick with it. And the energy. We’ll see.

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