Happy Inauguration Day

I am startled by my level of emotion in response to this inauguration day. I’m making my kids watch the coverage of this because of its historical significance. I want them to associate their childhood with a black president. And not just because he’s black but because of the way it changes our mindsets and expectations to have a significant minority represented in such a major way. It makes the world feel conquerable.
To quote Steven Spielberg who was just briefly interviewed in DC, “I want my kids to rub up against history.” So do I. My kids are still young, and providing Obama remains in office for two terms, they will be nearly old enough to appreciate the significance of being part of the youngest generation ushering in our first black president.
I realize I have friends and family who are less than enthusiastic about today’s events, but I hope despite differing politics (or ambivalence) we can all recognize that perhaps our country is growing up a bit and that’s demonstrated through our election of Barack Obama. I certainly don’t look at Obama like the second coming of Christ the way some people have, nevertheless, this is a momentous occasion and I’m excited.

One thought on “Happy Inauguration Day

  1. I agree, it really shows a change in the way many of us view things. I have hope that one day respect will be earned honestly and have nothing to do with color, name, or other expected “entitlement”


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