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This is an excellent article and it clearly explains why Sarah Palin doesn’t belong in the White House.

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I’m an idealist most of the time, but I’m not naive enough to think any one candidate can create Utopia for me, so I will vote according to – among other things – the issues I agree with and the candidate’s integrity throughout the duration of the campaign.
The link below will take you to a breakdown of some specific answers from Obama. Please notice that his answers here represent thought, organization, and an actual plan for how he wants to lead the country. Whether or not you agree with it, the fact remains, there is more substance here with the potential for disagreement than McCain has offered us period.
Please be an educated voter; and if you are a dissenter, at least know why.
Here is an excerpt from the site explaining the premise of Science Debate 2008:
“In November, 2007, a small group of six citizens – two screenwriters, a physicist, a marine biologist, a philosopher and a science journalist – began working to restore science and innovation to America‚Äôs political dialogue. They called themselves Science Debate 2008, and they called for a presidential debate on science. The call tapped a wellspring of concern over the state of American science.”

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