You’ve Only Got to Leave a Place to Improve It!

I drove through my old neighborhood about a week ago and it was somewhat weird, but I’m shocked and happy to report that the play ground had several new toys. Everything was freshly painted; the grass was mowed to an appropriate height for toddlers; every A-frame seemed to stand a little taller under the adornment of swings. There was a grouping of FOUR new baby swings (we were lucky to have one broken baby swing for the last five years). I think I spotted a new (or at least a repaired) picnic table under the trees so that adults had somewhere to sit. If I remember correctly, there was even a port-a-potty near the entrance (although I was so excited by all the improvements, I could have imagined it.)
Modesty dictates that I just smile and say, “How nice!” continuing on my pleased and merry way satisfied that action was taken to remedy the many complaints I detailed in the letter to the borough.
However, this is HUGE! (And I’m not all that modest.) I would just like everyone to know that Kennedy Playground in Vandergrift is less of a crap pile because of me! You’re welcome. No applause necessary; erecting a port-a-potty in my honor is sufficient thanks.

3 thoughts on “You’ve Only Got to Leave a Place to Improve It!

  1. I’m laughing because I totally understand! Kennedy playground was updated once when I was about 12 or 13 years old and we all know how long ago that was! Good old vandergrift, I don’t miss it at all.


  2. I thank you and my kids thank you. We weren’t going to that one too much. We would go over to Franklin or to Northmoreland. A port-a-potty would definetly be the next step.


  3. ur real funny chastity..i like this blog..yeah all the thanks goes to even though i am never in vandergrift anymore..well bbyes…


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