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El Finito

Two leg warmers done. Finally. With all the times I’ve taken them out and started again, I’ve made the equivalent of eight leg warmers. They’re awesome.


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Mathematical Wordage

Despite evidence to the contrary all over my house, it seems I’ve been relatively productive lately.
I’ve submitted manuscripts to three magazines, (rejected by two, no response yet from the third), crocheted a set of legwarmers twice, and I’m working on a knit pair next.
Also, I’ve submitted an entry into a literary contest. The theme is Less is More, focusing on micro-fiction, micro-poetry, and micro-photography. So fiction has to be 100 words or less, photos have to be taken using a camera phone or a PDA phone. Poetry is to follow the rules of the Fib. A Fib is a 20 syllable poem broken up over six lines and the line sequence follows Fibonacci’s numbers. The breakdown of syllables looks like this 1,1,2,3,5,8. Anyway, I submitted two Fibs. The winner in each category gets $75, so that’s cool. Casey submitted a photo from his phone. We don’t find out until Feb. 20.
Here are two of the practice Fibs I wrote:
blow, cough
my head aches
and my throat tickles
cold season is miserable
Beer Baby
baby sees
baby swipes bottle
Mommy should put her stuff away

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I made it to within three rows of the end of the my second leg warmer when I realized I didn’t have enough yarn. It’s some partial skein I’ve had laying around forever and I don’t have the wrapper for it so I have no idea what it is in order to go buy more. The only option was to unravel it and unravel the first one and crochet the top edgings with fewer rows and with a smaller hook so as to conserve yarn. I’ve finished (again) one leg warmer, still several inches short. I’m hoping that when I do the next one I will end up with some extra to join onto the first one so that I can finish the bottom edging. Here’s hoping.

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Lattice Leg Warmers

One leg down; one to go. And here’s Crochet Fiend coming up on the last leg…
Ok, I found this awesome and easy crochet Lattice Leg Warmer pattern and I can’t wait to make the second one. They work up fast because of all that open space so I should be able to wear these by Sunday if I so choose. Yay!

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Brevity said not this time; “Good luck with your writing.”
So, here’s what I submitted.
Trying to publish this elsewhere.

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The Atlantic Monthly said Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not surprised. So now I’ll just start working down the list.
I still have the essay at Brevity, but I don’t know what the wait time is on that.
Such is the life of the starving artist.
(Relax, I’m totally joking.)

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I’ve used some of my frozen leftover turkey from Christmas and made this delicious salad.
Turkey, cooked (white or dark meat, I used both)
1 Apple, cored and chopped (I peeled mine)
Nuts (I used a mixture of pecans, almonds, and pine nuts that I toasted earlier)
Fresh dill
Salt and pepper
Mayo (but just enough to moisten everything, not make it gooey.)
I ate it as a sandwich on toasted bread with homemade cranberry sauce on the side. So good!

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